About Brian Daniel

Clear Sight Advisors is an advisory and consulting firm dedicated to enhancing the fiscal capacity of nonprofit organizations, enabling them to reach their institutional goals.

Brian Daniel, President and Principal Advisor of Clear Sight Advisors

As a financial management professional with 30+ years experience in private, public and nonprofit enterprises, Brian appreciates the relationship between an organization and its numbers. He leverages that relationship to help organizational leaders become better managers using financial facts to answer questions and solve problems. 

Brian teaches Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis in the CUNY-Baruch College Executive MBA program. As a teacher and a practitioner, Brian enjoys coaching CEO’s and Board members to help better manage nonprofits. 

Brian Daniel approaches each client engagement template-free, meaning he comes in with an open mind, prepared to create the process that works with you and your organization. Brian's work starts where you are, not where you might or should be. He is your advisor, your confidante, and your coach. He's passionate about your organization’s finances, your learning and your success.  

Brian is now launching his inaugural Nonprofit Budgeting for Sustainability and Cash Flow certificate course at CUNY-Baruch College. His goal in this course is to share his expertise and create an environment of network learning. Groups of practitioners from across the spectrum of nonprofits in the tri-state area will learn how to network and grow exponentially. If you're a nonprofit, this is the advisor you have been looking for.