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For us, it's personal.

We are committed to ensuring that the goals, objectives, and values of your organization and leadership remain the highest priority of our work. We are guided by wide-ranging experience and expertise, respect for your organization’s mission and culture, and an exceptional degree of professionalism and discretion.

Each of these sources of value is informed by a sensitivity to the inherent pressures and conflicts that can arise, and we serve as a trusted advisor to leadership within this expected reality.

Brian Daniel, Clear Sight Advisors


Clear Sight Advisors is an advisory and consulting firm dedicated to enhancing the fiscal capacity of nonprofit organizations, enabling them to reach their institutional goals.

Brian Daniel, President and Principal Advisor of Clear Sight Advisors

As a financial management professional with 30+ years experience in private, public and nonprofit enterprises, Brian appreciates the relationship between an organization and its numbers. He leverages that relationship to help organizational leaders become better managers using financial facts to answer questions and solve problems. 

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Working together regularly will enable us to develop your knowledge and confidence as a financial leader, maximizing your role in your organization's success.


  • Review and analysis of financials
  • Narrative development and meeting preparation
  • Design and development of reports to effectively communicate the performance and health of the organization to your stakeholders
  • Coaching and counseling to improve financial communication skills to board and staff
  • Assessment of the finance and accounting staff
  • Creation of internal financial reports to grow your staff’s financial literacy
  • Custom support to fit your needs as Executive Director

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